Do any of you feel better in warmer weather?

I've discovered that I feel better - that is less tired and more energy and less symptoms overall - when the weather is warmer.

Does anyone else notice this. I've read that some folk increase their dose in winter. Kind of makes sense that if our metabolisms do not need to work so hard to keep us warm it can get on and do other things? Rod - any research out there?

I think I need to emigrate (live in England!).


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  • I did not conceive (tried for 7 years)until we moved to Australia, I wonder if that had to do with heat as well!!!


  • Roslin - that thought is amazing.

    My sister-in-law visited Australia for six months and conceived whilst she was there. When she returned to England she could not conceive and joked that she should return to Australia and try for a baby there! She was diagnosed hypo a couple of years later.

    Never thought of that before!

  • I also feel better when it's warmer and am considering moving south from north Wales to somewhere like Provence.

  • Now that sounds like plan! Although I just love Snowdonia (only been there in the summer though).

  • I like it here, but this winter made me think seriously about moving to somewhere warmer, though I'll have to wait for my daughter to finish uni. Some pics of Snowdonia for you to loo at,

  • I ONLY feel better in warm - not cold or hot - weather

  • Because I only went hypo last August and it was not exactly hot, I don't know how I would react to hot weather. Well be interesting to see if we get any this year.

  • I have always felt better in the summer. Was told some years back I had seasonal defective disorder. I too read about needing less T3 meds in summer than winter and ask Doc if other patients found this and he said it was vegatable. He said it was the difference of veg from Jersey and that from Spain grown in different soil. Sort of makes sence I suppose. I eat more saled, English of course, in summer, winter veg is often from abroad.

  • Gosh, that's really interesting. Kind of makes sense I guess.

  • I've not been on Levo for the warmer weather yet but before hand I always feel worse. It's when it's really hot I feel sick and tend to stay inside and if I stand up its to for long. I have also suffered from diarhea as well, I've now wondered if this is a swing to hyper as I've got autoimmune hypo. Not that I lose any weight!

  • No nor me. Can't lose an ounce!

  • Just came across this site and your post. Has your adrenal function been checked? Feeling sick, having diarhea or being dizzy, especially in warmer weather can be an indication of Addison's disease and levothyroxine can make this worse. Addison's is also an autoimmune disease and can occur alongside other autoimmune conditions.

  • I had a sycanthen test done last year, I was told my results were normal, ranged from 440- 700ish. Sorry can't remember the exact results.

    I've not felt the same this summer or last. Some sweating from my face and adrenal area in the mornings, but not the same feeling sick and unwell ness that plagued me during any warm weather.

    Levo did not change much for me so I'm now on ndt. If I do get an upset stomach it seems to be after milk or wheat. But it could just be my gallbladder playing up? I'm getting it removed soon.

    I did supplement with nax but after a very bad gallbladder attack I stopped everything including all meds, slowly reintroducing those that I need.

    Thanks for your input.

  • I also feel much better in the warm. Everything works better, my skin becomes 'normal' not dried up and flakey. I feel I need to live abroad - or just go on lots of holidays as I told my husband. I totally agree that our bodies don't have to work so hard just keeping us warm so they are able to do the more normal things like grow nails and hair and allow us the ability to think clearly. Not that my GP agrees. He said no need to up the dose in winter. There really is so little understanding or empathy by GP's with this condition. Do they not get continuous training.

  • This is the problem we have with GPs isn't it. Getting them to understand.

  • After the long long winter just gone my body was pleading with me to find some warmth and so I threw all caution to the wind and booked a week in Spain for beg of June, this has taken me well over budget which of course should be a deterrent, but the need felt so bad I have said to hell with it. This is not just a whimsical passing phase, more part of survival.

    P.S. I still have the heating on!

  • Mine heating has been on too last week, and now its gone colder again today. I actually crave some heat, I mean really crave it, glad I am not alone.

  • I prefer warmer not hot weather, hubby likes the cold, our heating is up and down like a yoyo lol

    Do you think were compatable lol

  • Yes, mine would rather have winter than summer. That makes no sense to me whatsoever!

  • could be a number of things. nice weather is less stressful too. Stress hormones affect our metabolism of thyroid hormones. Also more vitamin D.

  • I've started taking Vitamin D a few day ago. As my body seems to be craving heat, I thought it might be short of Vitamin D! I do think we should listen to our bodies.

  • I felt better the few sunny days we had I'm sure vit D has something to do with it I started to supplement through this horrible dull winter.

  • I thrive when the temperature gets over 22 degrees, more energy, just feel so much better. Similarly, if I don't get into warm clothes as soon as I get out of bed when it is cold, I just want to go back to bed( but I have got narcolepsy as well).It seems like my temperature can't stay up enough to keep me awake.

    And I lose weight on holiday- but that could be just better portion control and lots of swimming.

  • I look forward so much to temperatures over 22 degrees!!

  • It is certainly is less stressful in warmer weather - I find battling the cold exhausting.

  • I feel like a brand new person when it gets above 20 degrees, the cold weather is debilitating,

  • I felt really well after a week in Gran Canaria over Christmas, the effect lasted until first week of February, when it was downhill all the way until a visit to Cyprus for a week in May, which has "bucked me up" again. The weather definitely makes a difference to me and it has to be to do with trying to maintain our body temperature in cold weather. A few docs do recognise that you may need more meds in winter. If a diabetic needs more insulin when they have more carbs in their diet, then it must follow that hypo patients need more thyroxine when their bodies have to work harder to maintain body temp. I suffered a lot with aching hands and feet in the cold weather. That has also improved as the mercury rose.

  • I dread the winter because my flat is poorly insulated, & being on jobseekers allowance I can`t afford to keep the heating on. The only way that I can get warm in winter is to get into bed, & switch the electric blanket on. It`s still too cold for my liking, when is summer going to finally arrive, I keep wondering?

  • Overall i guess my health is worse in winter(i have SAD aswell)and i do get cold more easily than others(and numb fingers n toes even a couple of wks ago or so!)The best temp for me seems to be around 16degrees,anything above 20 definately starts to be a problem for me.i get headache in the sun and i am nr dreading any v hot weather this summer(not likely to happen?!)because appart from the headache i get fatigued,gen grumpy n uncomfortable at times and v bad circulation in legs/feet(they get v bulging veins n weird colours and like an v old lady!i am 40.)oh dear..sorry to moan about sunny weather;i use to love it..

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