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Your views on creon? The more natural enzymes are not nearly as strong, but creon contains bad stuff

I was taking nutri gest but still had undigested food in stools. GP refused to prescribe creon but thankfully gastro did. Each tab is at least 3 x more powerful and i'm taking 2 with each meal - been told to take 4 with large meals

However i read somewhere - possible on Myhill's site that Creon is bad long term since it contains toxins of some sort.

What does everyone think?

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Have you had the comprehensive stool test then?



Hi If you had a Faecal Elastase, very specific stool test, before treatment, and then on treatment to check the levels of enzymes. Then it is important to take the Creon, 20mins before food, dose as told. It is usually for life.It must be 20 mins to 30mins before food. It is not perfect but very important if you need to replace the enzymes from the pancreas,It takes about 3 months to work at the start of treatment, otherwise, you can have all sorts of problems. I have been on them for years, often people with Caeliac disease need them. have you checked this is not you, Tests not too reliable, often it just means trying the correct food fro 6 weeks, after negative tests To see if that is a problem. My endo discovered my enzymes needed replacing, it effects not only food but importantly drugs, I was able to reduce my thyroid treatment on enzymes. I hope that helps.It is an enzyme not a drug, as i am sure you know. Everything is contraindicated for one thing or another, That does not mean it should not be taken, if needed. See how the test after 3 months is, then you can decide.I have been on them for 3 years, they only help, are not a cure.



Yes i had the test but they seem to have lost the samples as the hospital cannot find the result


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