Nails improved, hair still coming out in handfuls, any ideas?

My fingernails have been flakey for a long time, then after being diagnosed with Graves they reached a stage where they were so very short that my fingers were so painful I could barely use them. That was probably back in March, my nails although still short, have now grown long enough not to be painful, they still flake if I am not careful but they are miles better. Unfortunately my hair is still coming out in handfuls. I would have thought that if my nails were improving then so would my hair. Anyone got the same problem?

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It could be a lack of iron (ferritin below 70) or B vitamins. I think biotin is one of the B vitamins that people tend to be deficient in (as well as folate and B12) and I know it can affect hair and nails. It might be worth looking into.

Carolyn x


Taking a multivitamin that covers 100%RDA folic acid ( is that iron?), a bit of calcium only 20% RDA though and some B vitamins plus I have just started to take super strength Methyl B12 - I've been told my level is ok but it is at the lower end of the range so I decided to boost it anyway, also take evening primrose, read on here somewhere that it is good for hair, plus CoQ10 and high strength Vitamin C - my lovely pharmacist said I had to take vitamin C with the Carbimazole . If I trip I'm sure I will rattle.

Liz x

Its strange one better and not the other. With me it was lack of calcium with both hair and nails.

Have just looked online to see what foods i need to be eating and I am definitely not taking nearly enough of the right stuff so lack of calcium could definitely be a problem. Will look into that.

Liz x

Just a quick search of Graves and calcium took me here....

"Low calcium levels from damage to the parathyroid glands (located near the thyroid gland)"

Well I thought the parathyroids were IN the Thyroid gland - (still wondering if all mine are still there after a PT op - they didn't know!)

I didn't realise a connection, makes sense with tremor etc. tho' (had these & hyper symptoms before op)

Are you on Calcium supplements and/or Vit D, have you had parathyroid levels tested?

Agree with Carolyn, folks report hair loss connected to ferritin and/or B vits - have you had these tested too? J :D

Definitely going to get a calcium / Vit D supplement today. Haven't had parathyroid tested. Possibly because I'm generally fairly ok (well as ok as you can feel in a thyroid sort of way!) on my levo/ Carbimazole combo. I'm sure I am under active at the moment though but not enough to make me feel ill, just cold and constipated!

My GP recommended a Nails,Skin,Hair supplement which I am trying at present. She said it helped her after pregnancy.

I have found OPI nail envy very good for strengthening my nails when they became soft and flaky.

Thanks everyone

No I haven't had any of the things you have suggested tested - yet! I will make a list for things i would like added to my next blood test session.

I thought it was strange that my nails have improved such a lot - they seemed to have peeled right down to where they joined the nail bed but from the top down - agony - yet my hair is getting worse, I always thought of 'hair and nails' as a package, which sounds like what shaws' doctor thinks.

And yes, OPI Nail Envy is what got my nails back to something like normal. It is not cheap but absolutely amazing stuff and worth every penny, i also used either Argan or Bio Oil rubbed in round the cuticles. Took a while but they look more normal now and thank goodness they don't hurt any more.

Liz :-)

Nail magic is the best. But aside from that which shampoo are you using?

I vary between Charles Worthington Full Volume shampoo and conditioner and Pantene Fine Hair Volume and Body shampoo and conditioner, I sometimes use Elseve oil instead of conditioner - it is very light - I bought mine in France so it is called Huile Extraordinaire but you can get it over here too - can't remember what it is called though, it was cheaper over there though and I have an Elnett Satin heat protection spray that I use when I remember it. Can you recommend a good shampoo? Liz x

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