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Do liotyronine tablets come in different sizes?

Hi,I am half way through my first month on T3 part of a T3/T4 combo.I was given the tablets in a brown bottle,20 mcg to be cut in half and taken twice a day.

I wasn't given a Patent leaflet,but was so glad that I had managed to get them that I forgot to ask.

Reading on this site,I see people take various doses and it made me wonder if T3 came in different size tablets and what was the "normal" dose?

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In the UK they are ONLY in 20 microgram tablets.

Abroad, they are available in at least 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 microgram doses! (Though not all from one manufacturer. Typically something like 5 and 25 in the USA.)

Many people have to split them.

You can get an on-line Patient Information Leaflet from here:

Type Liothyronine into the search box.

My view is that pharmacists should always give a PIL and you should not have to ask.

The doses we see range from 5 to at least 300 micrograms when taking T3 only. It is very individual and hugely varied.



Thanks Rod. You always know the answers,don't know what we would do without you.



You usually start on 20 per day half first thing and half later.. hard to break up really buggy little beasties..... the licensed stuff (that which you'll get a prescription for comes in 20 and 50 I think..

I moved my evening one to 2pm after a week because I need the hit to finish my working day

So, in essence you're on the normal dose if you are already taking T4... sometimes they give you 30 mcg a day.

People on T3 only take a whole lot more...


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