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lab tests say now hyperthyroid but feel ok

I've been taking 125 mg for nearly 20 years. Am now 55 and my last few lab results have come back with low tsh but the latest is tsh 0.08 and t4 32.2 so my dose has been reduced to 100 with the warning that it may have to come down again. Have been on 100 for 1 month now and still feel the same. The thing is that I have no symptoms of hypertyroidism (which I remember from when I took 200 for a short time about 15 years ago) and am afraid of becoming hypo again. The only change I have made is that I gave up tea and coffee about a year ago. What do people think?

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These figures do look like your dose needed to be cut.

I don't blame you for one minute being afraid of going hypo again. At the same time it can be difficult to be sure which symptoms are from being hyper and which from hypo when you are around the mid-point. Overt hypo and hyper (such as you might have had from being on the 200 dose) are more obvious.

Do you currently feel on or off target? Over or under?



I feel just right but am I right in thinking that the reduction in dose may not have registered? The other thing that has changed which is likely to have sent the results haywire is that I have been on HRT for about 3 years. I never normally ask for my results but I have made a note of them this time and will make an effort to find out what they mean.


Hi Molly, Some people don't notice anything for a couple of months or so when their meds have been reduced. Could it be that your lifestyle has changed i.e. part time work instead of full time? Not walking as far? Stopped exercising? etc. etc. If you are expending less energy, you will need less thyroxine. This could be a reason for your test results.

Also, coffee is known to affect levels so it could be that too!


thanks Lyn.


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