2 weeks on increased Levo- no different...how long??

I have now been on my increased Levo of 75mcg (from 50mcg) and have not noticed any difference at all. How long should it take if there is a benefit to be felt? One would have thought that this should be making a difference almost immediately surely, but I have also heard it takes a while to get into the system.

Anyone got any ideas?


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  • Hi

    When I went from 50 to 75 mcgs I felt no difference at all. I had bloods done again after 3 months and my dose was increased slightly. I now take 100 one day and 75 the next. I almost instantly felt an improvement with this regime but it only seemed to last about a week.

    I guess we are all different, but I am thinking maybe 75 mcgs is not enough for you. When is your next blood test?

    It's very frustating isn't it.


  • Yeah, well I was trying to be optimistic and hoping the raised dose would help

    I have a cortisol test next week for the endo (?) and another TSH in 4 weeks, so we shall see.

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