After suffering with this condition for over 17 years i wonder if I had been sent to see a specialist as soon as I was diagnosed , would I have cost the NHS half as much as i have on all the medications i have been given that I probably did not need .

Got a great specialist now and on T4/T3 combination with vitamin d aswell and so far have ditched painkillers anti-depressants and various other medications to combat other complications to thiss illness.

I just wonder

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  • i absolutely agree


  • My thoughts exactly! :)

  • Definitely! I too have stopped other medication since getting properly treated.

    Is your specialist NHS or private?

  • Nhs x

  • Who is your specialist? And in which area? please message me.

  • Catherine hay at furness general hospital

  • You are absolutely right - the problem is finding the elusive Endo.

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