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Blood Reference Ranges

Hi all

You may have this document already but thought it might be of use to some of us. Although it doesn't always correlate to the varying ranges/lab values I am given by my results, However, it is also useful as it gives a breakdown of the different tests with an explanation as to what it means and how it affects the health.

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Many thanks Suedan, I hadn't come across it and it's very useful for me!! Aurora :)


I think different countries use different methods.

I have just read the Thyroid UK which says

TSH 0.4-4.5

T4 50 -160 - total Thyroxine

FT4 10-24

FT3 4-8.3 All rather confusing


The ranges on the TUK site are example ranges only.




The actual UNITS in which some of those tests are done (on the link) are not always the same as the units used in the UK. Be careful.



I know that in different countries units used are different.

For instance in Germany where I lived for several years a TSH of over 3.5 is underactive, but their testing is based on "mU/l".

Cholesterol is measured by mg/dl - range 150-250 . Below 150 can signify Hyperthyroidism. But do not mention that if higher than the top range , it could be a side effect of Hpothyroidism, which it is.

Still shocked at the UK wanting to up the TSH range to 10. Is that true?


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