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Carbimazole manufacturing problem?


I've been waiting 2 weeks for my pharmacy to complete an owing note for my Carbimazole prescription and when I've chased them today for the 3rd time the pahrmacist has told me they can't get any as there's a manufacturing problem and she doesn't know of anyone else who has any, she's told me to go back to my GP. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there any alternative medication that can be prescribed - I only have 10 days left in my pack - Thankyou.

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I don't suppose it is a naming issue?

It did change from NeoMercazole some time ago, to plain Carbimazole. I think Amdipharm Mercury Company Limited are only UK supply. (Now where have we seen that name before?)

However the Pharmaceutical Journal has no mention and they are usually quite good.

Suggest you try several pharmacies, contact MHRA, Mercury, GP, PALS, anyone. Yes, even MP. I realise your pharmacy has tried but you can try online pharmacies, etc.

And do keep us informed, please.


Elsie123 in reply to helvella

Thanks Rod, my box says Sovereign Medical and manufactured by Dale Pharmaceuticals - problem is I don't have the prescription anymore just the owing note from the Pharmacy - would another chemist, if I can find one with it in stock be willing to supply on it? Have also paid for this one already !

If the pharmacy have not supplied anything that is on the prescription then you can ask for the script backif they have supplied you with part of it then you would have to get another script from your gp if you want to go to another pharmacy. Another pharmacy cannot complete your owing from an owing note they need a prescription.

Elsie123 in reply to helen0701

Ok thankyou - they've given me 35 of the 100 I was supplied so back to my GP on Monday as my starting point then - thankyou for the advice.

I got this month's supply on Monday, they are made by Sovereign Medical by Dale Pharmaceuticals - dont know how they buy them in but they have been decanted into a plain white box along with an instruction leaflet. No problem this month but in the recent past like you. I was short and had to go back later on to collect, I think it was 22 of the 56 I was due to get for the month. I didnt used to but now I worry that one day I won't be able to get them. I take Zestril for HBP ( the named brand, not lisinopril) and one month they weren't able to get the 5 mcg that I take and I had to go back and get a new script so that I could be given 2 x 25 mcg. I though that they could just substitute themselves but seemed not. I felt quite worried that perhaps one day they might not have the medicine I needed.

Thanks for posting this information.

My latest is also Sovereign Medical by Dale.

I am going to apply for another refill and see if there is any problem here. (I am in West Sussex).

NO problems in London. I have both 5mg & 20mg tablets (Sovereign Medical as well) and have no trouble getting them from either the big chains like Boots & Superdrug or my little local chemist.

The alternative drug is PTU (propylthiouracil) but you don't want to take that unless your body cannot tolerate CBZ.

hotfeet in reply to efilwol

now i have to take ptu as carbimazol lowered my white cell count too much

why is ptu such a problem


Good luck with the meds supply, I understand the frustration, we have a disappointing chemist attached to the surgery. Maybe best to ask next time if they can supply before paying and keep hold of the prescription,,,,but should you be paying? I thought hyperthyroidism qualifies for free NHS prescriptions....worth asking your GP, if so, they will need to sign a form for you to send off for a card.

Nope if you are hyper you pay. It is not classed as a lifetime thing like hypo. Which is ridiculous but I guess they get most of us hypers eventually dont they? :(

Well I've chased the pharmacy again this morning as I've spoken to a different branch who DO have the meds - however when my pharmacy spoke to them to see if they could let her have the 65 tablets I need she was told no as they need them for the nursing homes in the area - can they actually do this and refuse to dispense when they have the tablets I need? My pharmacist has agreed to give me a refund and my prescription back which she says she will annotate to say I can get the remainder from another pharmacy - if I can find one! wish me luck before I run out!

Hi, I am in Australia with the same problem. I am back to my specialist this week to get a prescription of an alternative medication. Unfortunately the alternative medication has more side effects but I cannot be without medication at this stage.

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