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Very confused over

Very confused over

Two phone calls today from GP surgery, first one over me requesting a prescription too early!!!

Second one, how many diclofenac do I take daily? Surely they should have that info?? Anyhow just found it very odd was then told that the doctor wants me to have an appointment to go through all my meds next week

This I find very strange

Never in 10 years with these problems have I had as much interest from any GP

Have been repeatedly ignored, fobbed off, laughed at,

The only conclusion I can come to is = are they now aware of the implications

of not listening to patients and that I am taking this complaint VERY seriously ,

I take 40 tablets daily for all sorts of ailments ( all signs of hypothyroidism))

Do I need them ???

Fix the damn hypothyroidism. With the correct medication

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I think it's regular practice to call patients into the surgery to assess their meds at intervals, I can get several repeat prescriptions over the phone before being told the doctor wants to see me. Re the Diclofenac, doesn't the pack the pharmacy gave you have instructions for how many to take? This prescription anti inflammatory is being replaced by an updated medication which doesn't cause as much harm to the body, I was given a replacement some months ago, so it may be that's why the doctor wants to see you.


Surgeries (and pharmacies) get points/money for doing a Medicine Use Review ...


Been with GP surgery 16 years never had a review x


My GP'have never done anything for me either . I wish they would test me for somthing that I've got. I was told recently that I don't have a GP I can only go through my palliative nurse. How bad is that?


I have put an official complaint in regarding my treatment.

Sick of the way i get treated by them

and the last straw was my last visit when the doctors mobile rang

and he answered chatting away with his friend...while i sat there.

So get back at your GP and demand( nicely) what you need

Best of luck xxx


why oh why are there so many gp's that do not and have never deserved to be sitting in front of a 'PATIENT' [ and I use that word in BOTH of it's contexts ] think they have a divine right to ' in my opinion ' not only not do the job that they get paid for [ for which the renumeration is extremely high ] but also harm the very people that they are employed to serve----THAT IS US THE PATIENTS THAT SIT IN FRONT OF THEM------I thank the good lord that I have a superb gp and have quantified this on many occasions------I really feel for those on this site that have problems [ and there are many ] with their gp/practice...etc.


Simple answer: GPs have been given budgets (monies) for their practices for patients, and they are now refusing to write out even the simplest prescriptions to save and meet targets and gain bonuses. Some patients have been removed from their practices for regular medication requests and there is little one can do about this. Sounds like your surgery and partners are following the same pattern. Don't let them bully you and stand your ground, and if you need lots of medication, don't let them deny you them!


Will see what they say on Wednesday- should be fun lol. They wanted me to have this appointment with a temporary doctor that I have seen once for 5 minutes..... Eh No.. I want the doctor that has prescribed all these damn pills;


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