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Another useful Hughes Syndrome Patient's Day - with the useful attendance of Lyn Mynott from TUK

Last Wednesday I was at St Thomas' Hospital, London - l went along early to meet and greet old and new faces to our Patient Conference, which is an annual event for Hughes Syndrome Foundation. I was absolutely delighted that Lyn Mynott from Thyroid UK, was able to come along, as a vast array of people with Hughes Syndrome, go on to develop thyroid issues, including myself and many others I know. This sort of networking with charities is vital with our diseases. Autoimmune disease often has thryoid problems creeping in, and awareness needs to be raised as often as possible as so often these are not picked up until they are quite advanced. We had a great day, and I had many hilarious moments as I wandered around putting names to faces.

So a big thank to Lyn for taking the time out to come along to our annual event - and I shall certainly be off to the next TUK one if I am in good enough health. Professor Hughes intends to write an article about the prevalence of thyroid issues turning up in his clinic over the years with regard to Hughes Syndrome. This should appear in the news letter some time.

Mary F x

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I was there but unfortunately missed meeting Lynn :-D ..... Note to self...Must make more effort next time!


You only missed each other by about five minutes! Mary F x


so good to hear from you mary , glad that you enjoyed your stint 'in the smoke' ---I have missed your missives [ as indeed many others probably have ] ==== and look forward to the next instalment .........hope you have a terrific trip home to your brood .....don't forget to give hubby a big hug when you get there !!!!!!<<<<hugs & xxxxx's >>>>>>alan kim and the not so little [ little one ]


There are a few more, you have have missed! - check and see. Mary F x


will do ---when I can get my arm to work properly-----it's killing me at the moment [ im have two morphine injections per week currently ] ....but such is life lts f lve


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