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information about having thyroid removed


I have had hyperthyroid for 14 years and been on carbimazole all that time with no side effects sometimes go slightly over but now they say i have a goitre in my neck cant feel anything myself but say i should have thyroid removed as 10% could be cancer i had needle aspiration and they said couldnt get a result i would still like to know if it could be cancer as really scared of having operation as i feel ok in myself is there any other options can anyone give me some advice please so i could keep my thyroid

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From what I have read, thyroid cancer is pretty rare. If they could not get a result from the first needle aspiration, then they should try again or use another diagnostic technique like blood tests, ultrasound exam, or a radioiodine scan.

I have a goitre as well (I have Grave's disease - autoimmune thyroidistis). They checked my goitre with an ultrasound scan to check for nodules etc.

I would ask them to confirm the diagnosis using appropriate tests and not them them bully you into surgery you don't want.

Good luck.

Have a look here - this might help with some more ideas of what to ask for:

Hi, I had my thyroid removed 18 months ago. I had a nodule on my left side of thyroid. They did a needle biopsy, but it was inconclusive also. So they took out my left side of thyroid leaving me half. But when when it was tested in showed early cell changes, so I had to have the other half removed 4 weeks later. The surgery was not have as bad as I expected. Was only in hospital 3 days, and didn't have too much pain. I was glad that it was gone and I didn't have to worry. I wish you the best for this. Maybe you could opt for only a lobectomy instead of a thyroidectomy?

Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves disease four years ago and had nodules growing on my thyroid. I had an ultrasound about 18 months ago which showed this. In the last 7-8 months one side of my thyroid really started to get bigger. My consultant wanted me to take the radio iodine pill - he referred to surgery as the "sledge hammer approach". I pushed and opted for surgery. I had the surgery five weeks ago and have been fine since then. Neck hasn't really hurt much at all. Only in hospital over night.

During my pre op I asked the Surgeon about the odds of there being cancer and he said very slim because I had Graves and nodules; and if you're going to have cancer, then thyroid cancer is the best one as all the cancer is removed with the thyroid.

Anyway, thyroid sent to the lab and the results - a benign tumour and 2mm of cancer inside the thyroid. How shocked was I?! But I don't need any follow up treatment, just keep on taking the thyroxine.

I'm not saying all this to scare you - this is what happened to me and I am so relieved I had the surgery especially as I am in my 30's with a 2yr old daughter.

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