Jumpy legs - related to exhaustion, dehydration or low blood sugar?

Does anyone else get this? It isn't "restless leg syndrome". They just sit there jumping away for a few hours, after a long hard physically active, maybe cold, day.

I think it might be related most to blood sugars possibly dehydration, or maybe mitochondrial exhaustion.

I'm not finding I get this anymore, on current meds.

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  • Mine used to do that but then I started taking Magnesium - and it stopped.mI believe low potassium could also have an effect?

  • Me too.

    Magnesium supplementation made a dramatic difference with this to me, I also had a worse problem with severe cramping for decades and it reduced this to almost zero.

    Dr Myhills site has good info on Mg supplementing.


    I make up a solution of Magnesium chloride as she suggests and rub it into my skin.

  • Also iorn deficiency/b12/hypothyroidism amongst others. Have you had a google. X

  • I can only find restless legs syndrome, or epileptic like syndromes

  • Looking back at my notes, my ferritin has been below range, but nothing was mentioned at the time (it was before I started routinely getting printouts)

  • Hi, I'm anaemic and before I went on iron tablets, I had restless legs.

  • I had this too, and it does sound like restless legs, which appears or is worse at the end of a long hard day. It stopped when I got my iron levels up.

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