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T3 and T4 meds taken together

Please help can I ask my endo for this as my thyroid has been ablated by radio iodine and 3 years on and on 300 mcg levothyroxine felt really poorly for years now

I have read so many story's that when given together people turn a corner my next endo appointment is not till August can I ask my gp for this and why have I never been suggested this especially with no thyroid function surely we need both to feel "normal"

Thanks as always

Julia x

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Yes, I don't see why you cannot ask for some T3 to be added. This is a link and cursor to the question dated October 20, 2004


Thank u soooooooo much as always you are very helpful


Julia xxxxxx


Dr Toft ex of the British Thyroid Association does say that some need a suppressed TSH or the addition of 10mcg to 50mcg less levo


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