Struggling to get back to work

A month into levo and I have felt better physically apart from swollen feet which I only noticed once diagnosed hypo. I'm worried now as I have failed 3 recent job assessments which to be honest were just basic skills tests. I'm gutted as I know a would normally sail through this type of thing. I really need to get back to work asap but don't know where to turn :-(

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  • It may take a bit longer to mentally, and emotionally, get back to normal as I think a lot depends on how bad you were before you were medicated and if you are under/over-medicated. My TSH was 8 and mentally I took about 6 weeks but emotionally I didn't feel completely balanced for a few months. I think supplements, good food rest and exercise helped me a lot to get back to normal - it's amazing how hypo. affects your whole system. Since then I have had huge amounts to stress to cope with but I am, thankfully, OK. Good Luck - you'll get there.

  • Thanks, I'm just so un-educated with this hypo thing. Thankfully this site helps me make sense of all the weird things my mind and body are going through.

  • Yes, this condition is a shock to the system and no wonder when you think we've been running on almost empty and everything has been getting slower and slower then suddenly the engine is fueled-up again. If this happened to a car we'd have a 'running-in please' notice on the bumper ( I am showing my age a bit now). Take care and be kind to yourself. Jax xx

  • Sorry brain not engaged - I meant to say 'Running in- please pass'. x

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