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What is the brand name for Levothyroxine?


I have to take a letter to my GP from the oncologist at the hospital where I have been treated for my thyroid cancer and it just says I need Thyroxine tablets 75mcg. The hospital gave me 28 days supply but they are the generic ones. One is for 50mcg made by Actavis and the other is 25mcg by Wockhardt. If I can get the branded version I would rather do so especially as I know that the generic metformin I was given by my chemist does not work for me. I managed to get my GP to change me back to the branded metformin and my blood sugars are now improving. I am also concerned that 2 different manufacturers will make their own formula slightly differently and perhaps they may interact with each other. I've been on the generic ones for 2 weeks now and I am not experiencing any improvements in my symptoms, I'm now hypothyroid following removal of the right lobe of my thyroid.


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Have a look at this blog:


Currently, ones packaged as Eltroxin (whether with company name Goldshield or Mercury Pharma) are in short supply. But they are 100% the exact same thing as those packaged as Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine.

And have a look here:


I assume you are taking the levothyroxine well away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines?

Not sure when you are taking your levothyroxine - have a read here:


Of course, it might simply be you are not on the right dose!


Hi Rod,

Thanks for your reply.

I managed to get my GP to give me a prescription for Eltroxin but the pharmacy cannot get hold of it. They've checked with my GP surgery and have given me the generic ones but are going to try and source the branded version whilst I use up the 2 months supply of Levothyroxine. I doubt if I will get the branded one but I can but wish, you never know. It wasn't feeling too good and so did not argue with the pharmacist's assistant, but I didn't feel confident when she asked me if I will be on them for along time. When I explained I will be on them for life because of thyroid cancer she did try her best and tried ringing their supplier.

As regards dosage, I don't think I'm on the right amount. They've started me on 75mcg and I've been on them for nearly 3 weeks with no difference to the hypothyroid symptoms except my fingers and toes don't tingle as much. I think this is because I am eating more calcium rich food and having organic yoghurt for breakfast, something I don't normally have because of my diabetes and need to control my blood sugars.

Kindest regards.

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