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How many of you have 'Trigger Finger' ?

I appear to have developed trigger finger...where when the finger bends towards the palm it sticks and flicks inwards. Its a bit sore too and I think I have signs that other fingers are becoming affected too. My joints and muscles are all still tender and in a morning I still feel like ive been run over by a bus. O n the NHS choices site it says that it is common in people with medical conditions, more women than men , being over the age of 40 ...sounds familiar??

If any of you have this....any treatments recommended?? Thanks in advance K x

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Yes i have trigger finger. I get it when I'm holding things tight like loppers. It used to be all the time whenever I gripped something. Definitely has eased more recently, either because I'm doing a lot less physical stuff like gardening, or my treatment for hypo has helped. All I could do was massage the offending finger until it clicked back. That was the advice from the consultant. It's so painful when it happens, and you do wonder if you are going to get stuck like that forever. I tried cold water, that hurt like hell. I massage the finger and rub in a little ibuprofen gel.

I attended a hand and wrist clinic for 6 years, there were a lot of people with carpal tunnel. I wonder if any of them got checked for thyroid disease, I certainly didn't. XXX


Don't believe the blood tests. See a private doctor and start some treatment. There's a list of doctors you can access via Thyroid Uk.


I know someone who has/had trigger or Viking finger, which involved a growth on the joint which pulled the tendon. He had surgery (which they messed up and he had to have another operation). This particular problem is inherited, hence the name ' Viking finger'.

If you look at my blog about Body Realignment you will see some photos where I have had success with a foot where the toes were turning under; they straightened of their own accord after BR.


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