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Has anyone had problems getting 100mcg of Eltroxin, 3 weeks ago i had to have my prescription in 25mcg tablet

I think taking my 100mcg dose in these 25s has made me ill. Ive had eye symptoms come back ( had Graves and TED 30 years ago ) thought the eye problems had gone but for a couple of weeks now since starting these 25s my eyes have been very swollen and sore in the mornings with migrainey headaches and feelings of nausea and feeling very weak and shaky, my voice has been very gravelly too. Has anyone else had similar problems or is it just a coincidence its happened at the same time ive taken these 25mcg tablets

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Yes, Eltroxin unavailability is a known issue since early March. Ask your pharmacist for the MercuryPharma version instead as they are the exact same tablets.

See the news item here



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