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Does anybody have this problem?

You all seem to be very clued on this......which I am not!! I am hypo and have pernicious anaemia. I wonder if you could give me a couple of pointers in the right direction. I have been on 125g levo for a few years and have "managed" with the usual tiredness, aches, memory problems etc. however, two weeks ago I went back to see my GP as I felt "horrendous" with dreadful fatigue and aches and pains everywnere. He is very sympathetic, but I feel not as knowlegeable as the people on this forum! He said my levels were normal ( as I felt so bad I failed to ask for them argh!!). He mentioned the word "fibromyalgia". I asked whether it may be an increase in my dosage might help and he agreed to increase to 150g. He also gave me a few sleeping pills as my sleeping pattern is horrendous and I only get on average 3 hours sleep per night - I have a family and a full time job!!I know in my head that it will take a little time for my body to adapt but I feel as though somebody is sitting on my chest and I am very breathless - do you know whether this is just part of my body adjusting?? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!!! Thank you

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....working and a family is a tough call and I am sorry that you are struggling. Before anyone can give you some advice we really need your most recent blood results and the ranges. Fibromyalgia can often respond well to an introduction of T3. Maybe you are not converting all that T4 into T3. Did you have your anti-bodies tested ? Lots of questions - sorry - but help is at hand when we all know a little more.

Please keep posting and do hope you feel better soon....



I agree with Marz - your life is very busy and full but you will need to get hold of your test results - ring the surgery and get the secretary to post them out to you or drop in to pick them up, you don't need to see the dr again to get them. I couldn't convert T4 to T3 and the more levo I got the sicker I felt. So you need the results to get a picture of what's happening.

Is your PA being adequately treated, as low B12 and iron makes hypoT worse and stops utilisation of the thyroid hormones?

I feel that fibromyalgia is just another symptom of undertreated hypoT and T3 definitely helps with that.

Best wishes .



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