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TSH blood test


Hi everyone,

I had done a blood test about two months ago when I had traveled in my home country for a myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroid). The test showed that I was borderline hypothyroid. After taking appropriate medication for a while my doctor asked me to stop the medicine for a few weeks and then do a test again to check if I was actually hypothyroid, so as to decide further course of action and try and get the levels to normal before I plan for a pregnancy. I am now back in the uk and went to my GP with my reports and get the blood test done. The GP told me that it was too early to do a blood test and that I should wait for 3 or 4 months before I get another blood test done. I have already stopped taking medication for three weeks now. Is it right to wait for another three months! by which time I would be very close to planning pregnancy since I was advised to wait for 6 months after the myomectomy

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Hi Fireflie, Yes, in the UK it is certainly typical to wait three months before re-testing when the GP feels the patient is a 'borderline' case for diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

It is important though for you to monitor your own symptoms. If you feel well, then it may be that you will no longer need treatment for hypothyroidism. But if you start to feel unwell and your symptoms correlate with those of hypothyroidism, then do not hesitate to go back to your GP at that point, even if the three months have not passed.

It is also very important to make sure that your thyroid levels are stable before you become pregnant. So under the circumstances, it might be wise to postpone your pregnancy planning anyway until you have this potential thyroid issue well and truly sorted out one way or another.

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