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Nutriadrenal /max

Hi guys, just a quick one. I am considering takin nutri adrenal suppliments, after reading Stop the Thyroid Madness and undertaking the adrenal tests, it would appear this maybe another problem I have, but its difficult when looking at the symptoms because some of them match those on my hypo list of symptoms.

Any way, I have read the ingredients and just wanted to ask, if I already take menopace, which is a multi vit with high level of vits for 'that time of life' only 39 sob :-( I also take a multi B vit complex now, along with ferritin and vit D , will I be overdosing on some of the vits and minerals as most appear to be in the nutri adrenal suppliment.

I am hoping to begin to trial Armour in a few weeks or so, will maybe wait if I can get GP to refer me to Dr Skinner (wrote letter to our medical practise yesterday) but want to make sure i am doing all i can to support thyroid medication.

Any info/ ideas? x

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From memory the Nutri Adrenal Extra contain a lot of B vitamins and didn't suit me very well at all. Dr P suggested taking the Nutri Adrenal instead, as these don't (I think) contain any additional vitamins, although they are half the strength of the NAX in terms of adrenal extract. Good luck with getting a referral to Dr S :) xx


Yeah the straight forward Nutri adrenals are ok to take. They are just the straight extract with nothing added.



Thanks guys, will go with that advice, just thought the 'extra' meant better !