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thyroid and genetic cholesterol levels

Hi everyone I'm a member of fibro uk and have come to ask a question for my mum,she had an over active thyroid and slowly it's been going into an under active,anyway she has been told by the doctor she has genetic cholesterol level which is high,this i know is normal for people with thyroid problems,my mums problem is that the doctor hasn't changed her thyroxine level to combat the high cholesterol and says if not better by aug she will put my mum on statin,which she has stated she won't take as they're dangerous,can anyone help as we have family history of stroke and getting nowhere with doctor and how come the doc said it's vital all family members get tested yet didn't give,suggest or do anything about my mum now.any advice

a grateful fibromite x

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i dont know much about is but my mum has been boderline hypo for yrs and in 2010 she had a heart attack from a blocked artery, they say caused by high coloestrol and has been on statin ever since and is fine on them no side effects and her colestrol is now at at good level


If you can get a copy of your mother's latest thyroid gland blood test results and post them on a new question complete with the ranges (as labs differ) someone will comment upon them. She may be undertreated. A higher cholesterol is a symptom of hypothyroidism and should reduce when on optimum meds.

These are links re statins.

Re your fibro these are a couple of links for your info. Some of the links within may not work as Dr Lowe died last year and these are now archived.


thanks for your replys,I know my mum's meds were put lower after her swine flu went and she knows that she needs to be put back on a higher level of thyroxine but the doc is just ignoring her requests but they have reluctantly referred her to an endocronologist after asking several tines and got fed up hearing it was just her age,and I want to help her before she dus ending up having a problem,I can't believe the risk and the doc saying wait till august,contradictory medicine or what,thanks for the fibro links,I am slowly working on pulling myself out of that as I too am fed up on waiting on medical people and maybe me and my mum have the same thing as we have a lot of similar symptoms along with my younger sister and just never realised but all being tested and it's just the thyroxine levels i must sort for mum ,




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