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Is it common to have Piles with IBS?

I have had IBS since December 2011. I had already had very bad pains that went on for months and then had a CDiff infection which seem to trigger something and got the IBS symptoms in full blast - so to speak! Eventually doctor prescribed the right dosage and strength and it had been settled for a fair few months. Then something changed and I got the symptoms worse again and now got at least 2 piles. Had this before (piles I mean) but it feels so much worse with the IBS also. Is this normal?



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Yes I think it is normal to have piles too. I have them all the time, but they are more irritated, and therefore more noticeable when the ibs is bad. (I have the diarrhoea type). GP can prescribe some good cream, but I tend to use either Vaseline or sudocreme.


I always get piles with ibs but since I started caster oil capsules ive had no ibs or piles yay lol xx


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