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How do i get through a car journey?

Going on car journeys terrifies me to the point that it has become a proper phobia, gradually getting worse. I am off on holiday soon and there will be a 5 hour ride to get there and the prospect makes me feel sick. I really need some advice to help me get through it, noone understands the fear i feel and im not sure what to do :-( Thanks

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Forward planning may be the answer, if for instance you are on a moterway the services are roughly 30 minutes apart, if not on the moterway plan your route, make a list of the public toilets in the towns you pass through, find out if the towns you pass through have supermarkets tesco and asda 24 hours, make a note of them do the research before you go. I know it sounds awfull. However, ibs makes you think about this.


Thank you, think that sounds like a good idea, will definately have a good look at the route.


Just returned from Cornwall we travelled from birmingham. I usually need to stop at least twice but survived trip. I do need a wee quite often but usually manage to go two hours. I take detrusol which helps on long journeys but it can make your lips dry so I sip water and I am fine.


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