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I am new to all this digestive upheaval, arrived with a sudden rush of severe menopause symptoms. I don't have the cramping pains, just a dull heaviness and the feeling of needing to "rush" to the loo, but I don't really need to go, just feels like a constant tummy upset, complete with gurgling and bloating! Apparently the surge in anxiety during menopause, is what causes the mayhem, as we have hormone receptors in our bowels! However, what I wanted to ask is, is it right to have a squeezing sensation, without pain, that pushes right up into the diaphragm? It feels most odd, and makes me feel a bit light headed. Can anyone identify this oddness, or is it just menopause, again!!

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I can so sympathise with you, I to had a whole lot of digestive mayhem when my menopause started, which was 4 years ago now, all your symthoms are exactly what I'm going through and it is not nice! The squeezing sensation your feeling is a symthoms of IBS I think, as is the oddness you feel, it very bizzare at time and leave you feeling quite strange, I'm taking lactose, and gluten out of myndiet at at the moment and the bloating although still there is not as bad, I have also started to take symprove, which is a strong probiotic that is lactose and glutoen free, so I'm going to see how that goes.

Hope this has helped

Wishing you well




I get squeezing sensation, almost like labor! I realized it's my colon trying to work but running into an obstacle of some kind. I'm going to get a colonoscopy soon but in the meantime, I'm going to physical therapy to learn exercises for constipation. Not so easy since I also have PD.


Thanks ladies, phew, glad it's not just me! PatV,you are right, it is exactly like Braxton Hicks, those painless squeezes you get in the last few weeks of pregnancy! Always worse when I wake first thing, and it is always followed by a rush of anxiety. I take Sertraline for that, and it does calm things down a bit, but not enough for my liking. My gynae consultant has asked me to try Amitriptyline to relax the muscles at night, I have started low but am afraid to increase them too much, as I seem to have suddenly become overwhelmed with tablets! I have had a colonoscopy, and all was healthy, but because of my age, and the onset of other menopause-like symptoms, I wonder if the IBS is caused by the anxiety accompany menopause, and changes to the pelvic floor which now feels very tight, and hurts right into the buttock and upper leg. I have tried Symprove, it is very expensive, and I didn't really notice any change, sorry Linda, I know you are trying it, maybe it will be better for you, if your IBS is diet controlled. I am trying for a new job at the moment, but really need to feel better, I am not ill, just don't feel well, if you know what I mean! I find this condition makes me very nervous, and foggy headed, and then I panic because I am panicking, viscious circle!

Do you ladies also find that this "oddness" also makes the whole genital area feel sore, I also have VA, but I don't know if the pain is from the atrophy or the bowel, feel useless and low at the moment, and nobody seems to know what is going on!

Many thanks for listening!

Ruth. xx


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