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Is this IBS, Reflux or something else entirely? ^^;

Hello, I thought I'd share what I'm experiencing atm because my doctors are a bit stumped and I can't find anything that would fit my bill. I've been suspected with IBS, GERD and most worryingly of all, LPR, but I don't match enough of the symptoms in either category to get a proper diagnosis, and most medication I've used - including Omeprazole and Lansoprazole (30mg) - has had little to no effect thus far. If anyone can help me figure out if this could all just be anxiety or something else entirely I'd be very thankful! :D

My symptoms include:

- Loads of mucus (?) in my throat, especially at night, with a constant need to swallow it.

- "Vurping" but no real burning pain. There is however an ulcer on my tongue and I do get sore throats sometimes.

- A tight throat which occasionally restricts my swallowing and deep breathing, resulting in lightheadedness

- Ear pain and a sore throat

- Loss of appetite due to nausea

- Tightness and mild burning in chest and abdomem, but mostly in the abs.

- A lot of gas

- Throat spasms

I'm quite concerned about throat cancers, so I really really really hope this isn't LPR. XD

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