hi today ive been diagnosed with ibs, it started at christmas eve tight feeling under right rib pain right on the edge of right rib

too, pain going down right side achy stitch but painfull, had a ultrasound scan yesterday which confirmed everything was normal no gall stones, so went back to gp today does anyone else have these symptoms? since the pain started ive either had dioreah or im constipated,

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  • Yes yes and yes. Unfortunately all of the above are very common. Welcome to our world and it sucks lol. It's all different for everyone of course and the regularity of symptoms and the severity is different but with trial and error hopefully you will find what works for you. Good luck

  • thanks for replying! ive been given peppermint oil tablets to take which seem to help i think, what do you recomend to cut out of diet which might help the pain,

  • Sorry to hear you have been suffering a bit recently but everything you describe sounds like good old IBS. As this is is all very new to your body it will take a while for you to know what is right and not for you, I was diagnosed over 20 years ago I am now almost 41 and still suffer most days I am gluten intolerant (not coeliac) and for the past 2.5 years have been dairy free this to a degree has helped the symptoms. Another post mentioned trying peppermint oil capsules give it ago but be aware not everyone can tolerate it i'm one of those people it causes chronic heartburn and bowel spsams which I know it is meant to help but everyone is different. Buscopan is good for bowel cramps and general pain not sure what is good for the diarrhoea as i've always tended to have IBS-C. Brown bread is another culprit try white. Good luck and I hope you get your symptoms under control soon.

  • Sorry I have just realised it yourself that has tried the peppermint capsules good luck if they help you x

  • Hi Linzi3, I am waiting to go on the FODMAP diet so will report back once I've started on it. Hope you find something that works for you. Also, I have cut out broccoli, cauliflower and red grapes, all of which I ate every day. Cutting these out has certainly improved my IBS to what it was.

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