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St Marks Hospital, Middlesex-anyone been referred there?

After 5 years of living hell my 4th GI consultant has mentioned the possibility of being referred to St Marks in Middlesex where they have a specialist GI department that accepts national referrals. I have been through every test you can name plus dietary advice (including FODMAP) with no success. The only things I eat are plain boiled potatoes and grilled lean meat (no seasoning) and drink only water. If anyone has any experience of this hospital would love to hear it-with several months between appointments I fear it will be 2014 before I get to a "super specialist" but fingers crossed they can help. I am at the end of my tether.

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I haven't been there (it's my daughter who has IBS) but have heard great things of it! Daughter is looking into getting a referral there. Which consultant are you seeing at present, if you don't mind me asking? (send me a pm if you'd rather not say in the blog). Similar to you, over the years her diet has become more and more restricted and there are very few foods she can eat now.

I don't think the waiting list at St Marks is too long so do hope you get seen soon and on the road to better health. Daughter has suffered from it for 18 yrs, since age 9, and it's a nightmare and doesn't seem to be taken seriously by the nhs.

good luck whiteladder

love, ff x


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