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Self Help Groups in Your Area-Interested?

At the IBS Network we are always looking for voulenteers who are willing and able to set up and run local self help groups and welcom in other sufferers. Could this be you?

Whether is a weekly or monthly meeting, or a quarterly event with speakers, groups are a great oppotunity for people to share their experiences and not feel alone with their illness.

Visit theibsnetwork.org for more details, or email Kirsty at info@theibsnetwork.org.

4 Replies

Hi, are there any self help groups in South East London already in existence?


I would be interested if there are any in the Canterbury/Whitstable area


Are there self help groups in the West Midlands?


I've not been diagnosed with IBS but due to chemotherapy because of leukaemia I'm very intolerant of certain foods. I had severe gut and bowel issues when I was undergoing treatment which I'm still got the effects of.

l have soft motions though they're better controlled now. I'm 12month post stem cell transfer and this has issues too. Gvhd etc. At the minute I've got a severe pain in my lower groin which is quite pronounced when I walk. Not when I'm sitting Or in bed. Got a swelling too. Seeing Dr Monday.


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