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The true is I’ve really had enough being in pain most of the time. Going in a bath to cry . That you’ve had enough actually hoping that you will collapse outside and maybe get some help . But that doesn’t work either been there and came home to same thing more pain . .my poor husband does his best and better to support me .but when you just want to cutl up and not wake up it’s a bad day . Waiting on ultra sound and a gastro clinic but pain is so bad some days just want to scream . Doing everthing . But now I’ve got to the stage why bother a seat or don’t eat pain is there ..I just think nearly bed time maybe I will sleep but spend most of the night wandering about the house in pain . . So just wanted to rant exactly how I feel . I justhad enough . And fed up talking to my sister my husband and som about pain and feeling unwell . But it’s constant pain . So at least ranting on here helps . But I don’t no how people suffer this with out breaking down and screaming . . Sorry folks

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Oh sweetheart I’m here for you 24/7 if you need a shoulder or just to offload there are people on here that will listen and I’m one of them. I know it’s easy to say but you are never on your own and you don’t have to suffer in silence. I on the other hand am currently going through an IBS attack and you are right coupled with the heat tends to make it worse.

Big loves and hugs

Shaun xxxxxxxxx

Thanks Shaun the pain gets so bad that it’s just hard sometimes . The lockdown here never helped either seeing a GP is rare but I have seen her only to be told till I get ultra sound just have to live with it . So just taking a day as it comes . Hope your pain eases as well .given up hoping for a miracle

Try high dose valerian capsules from Amazon

Rant at me xxxxxxxx

Hi I’m just so tired fighting it and that way I do just want to give up . Andpain is there 24/7 and I have to put on a brave face as can’t moan everyday . Try to be normal but it’s agony . So been up most of the night and just no today’s going to be another struggle . But thanks for listening . I just need a new bum that would work . 😁

Here here, I was up half the last night also. In the end just gave up and came downstairs and slept on the sofa as my partner was asleep and didn’t want to disturb him. I have just started taking l glutamine but am worried that it is going to make me sick and I have a really bad fear of throwing up.

I’ve heard good feed back on this but like you I’m scared incase I get constipated . But I understand being scared of throwing up . It’s a hard when things make you frightened to try stuff . Like you I was up As feel like you better up on couch having tea and disturbing my husband . But you just wander about trying to ease the pain . Doctors don’t understand how hard it is . And trial and error is what they say is ok but sometimes we are scared to try stuff for trial and error . . It the pain and not leading the life I use to lead . My life now revolves round my BM and and pain . The only good thing about lockdown for me was I couldn’t go to things as lockdown was to blame instead of me being unwell . It lifted tha5 feeling of being a burden . I hope we both are pain free soon we can onl6 hope 💕

I'm exactly the same, pain and discomfort every day, don't sleep most nights tried everything. If I can get some sleep I can just about put up with it during the day. Do you take any medication? xx

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I was on constella 290 and one laxido at night . Constella helped with the pain . But it gave me loose stools but it was better than constipation . But then I ended up in hospital a month ago for low salts so doctor blamed constella and me drinking to much water . So put me on senna and 3laxido a day . But it senna took so long to work that I was in constant pain .but he kept telling me it would help . So back home now don’t take senna but take laxido buscopan and peppermint parcetomol when pain gets bad . And eat everthing fresh and not gluten or dairy intolerant . Tried low food map never helped . But going to try slippery elm once I’m brave . But seen pain clinic and was told apart from strong pain killers nothing they can do .just tired I’m 66 now only had this for 2years . But some times I just want to scream out loud with the pain .

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Hi Readmeastory, Like you i saw someone at the pain clinic, waited for months then told to buy a tens machine,😱.

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I was told the same and you will have to learn to live with it . But the best one was patient refuses all painkillers except for parcetomol . And wanted dimazipan .😡what I did say was strong pain killers constipate me , and would a diamazpan relax my muscle when it causes me pain . . I knew as soon as I said that he wrote it down . When I went to my doctor I told her what exactly I said as specialist wrote I was asking to be put on dimazipan . So now im careful of what I say .tense machine I don’t no if it helps but I do use it sometimes .

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mhafin in reply to Readmeastory

Dr just said to me "nothing more we can do, I'll refer you to the pain management clinic". At the moment I'm suffering with sciatica too. I may try a ten's machine for that as I can't sit for long. Hopefully your appointments will come through soon. Hope you get some answers xx

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Do try the tense machine I don’t no if it will help but I feel it helps a little . I went to pain management but again . No real help . Plus I’m profoundly deaf so find it hard going trying to listen and now with masks it’s hard . Only one nurse and dr used a shield so at least I could see their lips moving . I’ve had sciatica and it’s very pain full . No word yet either from gastro or ultra sound . Just hanging in as nothing else for it . 😊

Hi ,

I’m so sorry you’re in such an awful lot of pain & it’s causing you such unhappiness, it’s an awful thing to live with .

Did you get any further in getting Prucalopride? I think it could give you some relief from your pain .

You mentioned you’re taking Buscopan.. are you aware it can cause constipation ?

Have you tried any other laxatives besides Senna , like Dulcolax?

Just a thought x

Not been able to get a appointment at the minute .once I get to be seen at gastro clinic I will ask . But buscopan I only ever take one tops2in a day . But take peppermint capsules as well . Plus camomile tea and peppermint tea . Sometimes ginger tea as well . But hot water bottle even in this heat sometimes helps .

It was the doctor who told me about Buscopan, I’ve stopped taking the Colpermin & Mebeverine as the gastroenterologist said they slow down the bowel .

I’m trying Rennie’s deflatine, it’s helped with wind & bloating , that was causing a lot of my upper abdominal discomfort , it might be worth you trying it , you can buy it at the chemist or on Amazon .

A hot water bottle does help too , I have one as well , even in this heat !

Me too. I always go to bed with a hot water bottle & have the fan on all night to cool me down !!!

Yes that’s me as well 😂

I tried mebeverine but I thought it slowed everthing down . But I take peppermint not cloprimin . Just peppermint oil . It’s like everthing some things work for awhile will have a look art the rennies . I must spend a furtune in trying stuff thanks for your help 😀

So do I , my cupboard is full of things I’ve tried & rejected !

No problem at all just thought it might help & not to expensive at £5 ish for 36 tablets !

Think I may have overdone them today as now I’m the other way 😂, so they may be of more help to you than anticipated 👍

They don’t cause constipation do they as I have that problem .

No they haven’t with me & I’m IBS-C too , in fact I’ve been going to the loo more after taking them 👍

Until last week I had a drawer full of remedies that I had bought, tried & rejected like yourself. I must have spent a fortune over the years & nothing was a "miracle" cure so I put the whole lot down the toilet ( maybe I shouldn't have done that) & I am NOT going to buy anything else.

Cupboard is full of stuff ibuy never made me go to the toilet or take away the pain . So big tidy out and no more wonder drugs 😂

Worth a shot

I have started to use rhubarb complex as i suffer with IBSC and find this works. For my pain my go put me on amitripltyine to take at night and this has really helped me with my pain and i finally get a good nights sleep

I bought some and tried that it helped but I ended up with a upset stomach . But don’t no if it was that or not . Just went back to laxido . But nothing seems to ease the pain . Got slippery elm to try . I did take rhubarb complex for 2weeks .

When do you take it and how many tablets do you take . Do you take other laxatives with it

I take 2 tablets with my evening meal if i start to feel bunged up i take a laxido in the morning.

I also have 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds with my breakfast that helps too

Thanks I take flaxseed as well but only a teaspoon on my porridge or yougurt . But will up that now . Just tired to day and in pain . But will go in a cool bath to easem6 stomach cramps . .

Try high dose valerian capsules. Cheaper on amazon than Holland and Barrett. Best of luck. Worth a try. No one answer for anyone as we are all so different but we can at least find ways to make us feel more comfortable. Love Corinne Brighton. East Sussex .

Thanks I will try it as need something to help x

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