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Products for bacteria imbalance

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Hi all. I have been following the low carb high fat diet for almost 2 weeks. The belief behind it is that you starve the bad bacteria of sugars and starches to eliminate it. I have stuck to the diet strictly but have not noticed any difference. I am currently taking Bimuno and have tried various probiotics as well but this has not helped either.

Is there any products anybody can recommend fir bacteria imbalance? Thanks in advance.

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Symprove has been proven to have some affect as the bacteria in it can survive the stomach acid. Yakult helps me stop Constipation I have just one a day. Optibac probiotics have a lot of info on their website which is helpful and may help you choose the right type depending on whether you have constipation on diarrhea or a mixture of these in your type of IBS. I would try one at a time of the probiotics - as you have to let your stomach adjust and see if it helps. Then stick to that one if it helps !

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