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Hi all


I’m new to to this site and so glad I’ve found it. I was diagnosed with ibs in 2013, first symptoms started in 2012 after a bout of sickness on a break in Ireland. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but also showed signs of that prior to diagnosis.

Last Sunday a huge flare up began which lasted through till the 27th. Miserable Christmas. I went to Holland and Barrett and picked up some valerian root, peppermint oil, flaxseed oil and spirulina, plus imodium. Besides the Imodium I take all daily in either tablet or powder. So far, so good! I’ve also been diagnosed as lactose intolerant and wheat intolerant.

I got cocky and started eating usual bread and pasta and cheese and found I was ok after. Which eventually has lead me to be so ill. I changed all to the expensive free from and I’ve been less bloated and gassy after meals. I don’t eat much junk food besides kettle chips and chocolate. I had to cut all the process foods out years ago. Of course cost is such an issue for many people with this condition and I’m fortunate to be in a position now where I can afford it and other treatments.

In 2016, I took up running, a hobby I used to do when I was younger, and I find it has helped relieve stress.

The valerian root helps my anxiety and if I get severe nausea, usually at night, I wear sea bands. I only took them off 48hours ago, touchwood I’ve been fine and the bands really do help.

I’ve got a few things planned for 2019, a stay over in Brighton, which isn’t far, but I’ve never been able to stay away in a hotel in years since I had ibs and public transport was a nono. I began to feel really sick and anxious on a small car journey. I’ve never really had a problem with travel sickness.

This year I began using buses again, 45mins to the seafront, but still struggled a short train journey. I’m hoping now my anxiety is under control, I can use both again like I used to, and eventually travel up to London! I just have to be prepared.

IBS has taken years away from me, I won’t be letting it anymore!

I hope this post may help others, I know one fix doesn’t suit all. And if anyone has any advice on transport, I would be grateful to hear it.

Happy and healthy new year to all!


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