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Hi all,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS D and I am struggling to get used to all the changes! I feel it is slowly taking over my life!

When eating at home, I am usually okay - I feel most comfortable knowing that I am close to a toilet and can quickly leave the situation if need be. I’ve learnt what I can and can’t eat now!

My main issue is when I eat out.

I have developed such an anxiety about eating out as I am constantly worried that I am going to need the toilet quickly. The minute I sit down I am on the look out for how far away the toilet is, and how busy the restaurant is. I always work myself up about it! My worst fear is there being a queue for the toilet!

I know it is all in my head, and I know that overthinking things doesn’t help the situation, but does anyone have any tips on how I might de-stress? I am off to Paris in the new year and I am already worrying about how easy it’ll be finding a toilet, especially when needed quickly!

Thanks everyone ☺️

3 Replies
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Hi there, looks like you are putting things in place to help you cope. At first it does feel like it takes over your life and I still have times when I feel like that. I have had IBS D since I was in my early 30's and I am now in my 60's. At the moment I am in a IBS C phase which makes a change. I am lactose intolerant to cows milk products. I discovered that I can tolerate goats milk. Has far as the travelling goes, take a anti-diarrhoea medication before you travel, I never travel without them and always have a supply with me when in another country. Eating out I know can be a problem, I always go and see were the toilets are and how many and also if there is a disabled one so that I have all the options covered, then I can relax and enjoy the meal out. I also have a radar key for disabled toilets when I am out. And a card that I carry that states I have a medical condition and can I please use the toilet. Both of these can be obtained from the Bladder & Bowel Community bladderandbowel.org The card is called Just Can't Wait. Removing has much anxiety from the situation really does help you to come to terms with this awful condition that seems to be different for each sufferer. All the best and hope you have a good holiday.


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Please have your doctor prescribe either Welchol or Colestipol for you. These 2 drugs are amazing and stop diarrhea in it's tracks!

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Just wanted to talk to you a bit about the mechanics of stress and intestines. Did you know that intestinal motility is governed by two hormones which also happen to be neurotransmitters? There's Serotonin which makes your intestines move. And there's Dopamine which makes them quiet, still, non moving.

The same hormones that make for the happy neurotransmitter and the other the concentration neurotransmitter.

Which is why loose stools is a side effect of most anti-depressants, which, by their nature, increase Serotonin.

It's true there's also the Fight or Flight Response that gives you loose stools immediately. Fight or Flight is one of the modes your parasympathic nervous system can run. The other one is Rest & Digest. They are opposites. by taking a deep breath you can switch into this last one. Flipping this switch is called The Relaxation Response and it has been researched and proven. Meaning your head and psyche are tools you might use. but! Please do not think you are at fault or faulty when failing to do so. This is not your fault.

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