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What to do to help myself?


It has been suggested by my GP this morning that I have splenic flexure syndrome - gas is accumulating in the upper regions of my colon and putting pressure on my spleen resulting in tenderness under the ribs and chest pain radiating from chest to left shoulder too.

I've been a given a month worth of buscopan and told to go back if that doesn't work but IBS is difficult to pinpoint. No mention of further testing or how I can help myself.

I'm confused because 6 weeks ago the GP told me to up my consumption of fibre via prunes/beans etc as apparently my diverticular was acting up and now he's saying avoid the very same foods as they're gas forming.

Can you help me with how I can help myself get a grip with my tummy issues as I'm really confused.

Is the buscopan likely to help with the tenderness feeling below my ribs?

Any help you can give me would be really appreciated. :)

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I had similar symptoms for 9 months. I know I have IBS (diagnosed after tests for everything else!) and have had it for as long as I can remember but those symptoms of pain under the ribs /upper colon were new and really persistent. I really felt like there was something else going on and so back to the GP but it was diagnosed as wind. The only thing that helped was massaging my stomach, hot water bottle and paracetamol occasionally when it was really bad. I tried buscopan, meberverine, mint capsules that are only broken down in the colon but they didn’t help much. Eventually, the pain miraculously disappeared one day for no reason and it’s not come back. IBS is weird like that.

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