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Lansoprazole - not sure why it was prescribed

Hi, I went to the doctors with a bad stomach as per usual and after feeling my tummy and bowel advised both were inflamed and put me on lansoprazole. Took it the first and second day but on the second day noticed a touch of acid. I haven't taken it today and the acid is quite bad. I have very very very rarely had heartburn and acid was not the symptom I gave before I was prescribed so I don't understand how these were supposed to help me. Anyone else prescribed these without any acid symptoms?,

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Hey I’ve been given this but in my case I was suffering with acid. One thing I would say though is that I only noticed a difference after a week or so, I think they are used to settle your stomach but like you I thought it was only really used when you have acid. If you can I would maybe stick it out for a week and see if your stomach settles down at all? Might be a long shot but maybe the acid is lower down and the Lansoprazole is bringing it up? I don’t know though that might be a stupid suggestion x


Its interesting when you hear about people being given these tablets, my first GP prescribed these for me because i was getting indigestion - normally when i eat late or spicy food. When i went pack for more the orginal GP had left and i saw a new GP she asked if i had, had any tests for a bacteria called H Pylori, i said no at which point she booked me in for this test - the test was conducted and the result was i had this bacteria in my gut.

I had a triple dose of three antibiotics to treat the condition and ive never had the need for Lansoprazole again. My sypmtoms were an ache on the left side of my stomach in line with the naval. Acid reflux and bloating.

The GP confirmed that if i hadnt been treated for H Pylori then my symptoms would have continued even with taking a 15mg tablet a day of Lansoprazole.

Lansoprazole is supposed to reduce Acid build up not increase it!

I hope this helps the H Pylori is a free test on the NHS.

Hope this helps


i take these but for my acid reflux problem, not my IBS


I was given these for nausea! After omperazole made no difference

I went back a week after being given them about something else and another doctor said stop taking them if u have no indigestion

I never have


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