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Lack of sleep and flare ups??

Anyone's else get flare ups with a lack of sleep? I'm a mum of two small children and my youngest (10months) is being a little monkey when it comes to sleep at the mo. My symptoms have been getting better over the last week or so but my partner has been off and getting up with the children, he's back at work today so I've been doing the nights and early mornings with the kids and this morning my ibs has flared up a bit.

Anyway just wondering if anyone is in a similar boat.

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Hi there,

When my two girls were small I had exactly the same problem. Doing nights and early mornings is exhausting. Instead of taking on everything while your partner goes to work, I would suggest enlisting his help.

Maybe he could do nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way all of you get some sleep. He can catch up in between, and so can you.

Small children do take a great deal of energy and patience. Even if we love them, it is hard work. Don't underestimate the "work" you are doing too.


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