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Flare ups!

Hi, I'm still waiting to see a gastroenterologist but my symptoms point to IBS or diverticulitis. I've had symptoms for about 5 years and already had a number of tests, all clear. Can someone please describe exactly what a flare up feels like, where the pain is and how bad. Mine is left hand side, groin area. Maybe I have a low pain threshold but it is agonising, as bad, if not worse, than childbirth. I just wanted to know how bad the pain is for others. THANKS, Maggie.

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I have had IBS diagnosed for 20 plus years and just been told I have diverticulitis too. The pain you describe is like I had when I went to A and E and got diagnosed,with it, I have had it before. I sometimes use a hot water bottle or hot wheat bag on the area to try and ease it. Good luck with the gastro team I have found they don’t really want to know once you have been diagnosed.


Thankyou for your advice x


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