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I havent yet been diagnosed as having ibs i am going for a colonoscopy next week buy iam showing all the signs i am taking Imodium up to 8 tablets a day they seem to help with the frequent visits to the loo but i am suffering terrible wind to the point it siund like a water tank filling up and i am also feeling sick most of the day any hwlp wouldbe welcome.

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U should try low fodmap


What is that x


A low diet and cut out things like onions, and beetroot etc that does affect to ibs related


Charcoal tablets help with wind, they also absorb the bad bacteria. I take them for wind but the digestive enzymes have changed my life, every time I went to the toilet I would need to open my bowels, the enzymes break down the food early on in the digestive process so that it travels better and there is less food hanging around for the bad bacteria to feed on and then there is less gas and life is much better. I hope that this helps as I know how miserable this condition can be.


What are the digestive enzymes and where do i get them from i have started taking a probiotic tablet from Holland and Barrett thanks for this x


Hi, sorry to hear of your problems - it can be very distressing, I know. I see that one reply suggests digestive enzymes, which I haven’t tried, but a similar approach would be to try Acidophilus or other ‘good bacteria’ supplements such as Alflorex.

I use Acidophilus from Holland and Barrett, and buy it when it’s on offer - which it often is. I believe that Alflorex may be even better, as its bacteria are guaranteed to reach the gut alive, but it’s much more expensive.

I’d certainly recommend trying these suggestions one at a time, or you won’t know which, if any, helped, or helped the most.

I take the Acidophilus first thing, on an empty stomach with a glass of water, as recommended by Nature’s Best.

Good luck, and I hope things soon improve for you.


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