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Hi guys I'm new here! I've only recently been diagnosed with IBS after having all the tests to rule out anything more sinister!

I've figured out some of the food triggers on my own so I'm trying my best to control it but I've got to a point where I have a panic attack anytime I'm stuck! I can't travel in the car with anybody else or even queue in a shop through fear that I'll have no control! I won't leave the house without taking Imodium which I'm pretty sure can't be good for me. I worry sometimes that it's all in my head and the anxietys just getting the better of me :(

Sorry for the long post but it felt good to write that down!

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Hey there!

Don't worry your not alone! I'm in the process of being tested more but my gp is convinced it's IBS.

I also take Imodium anytime I leave the house in the fear I will end up caught short.

And I try not to leave the house much anyway - I'm a stay at home mum.

Have you tried progressive muscle relaxation? YouTube have plenty of videos on it and I found that when my anxiety was pretty bad taking 10mins in the day just to go through one of the videos helped hugely!

I've also kept a food diary (can't find any food triggers) but written on it how I have felt throughout the day which has helped, like if my son has been really difficult and it gets me down I write about it and it just helps me calm.

Anyway I hope you get better soon! X


Thank you so much for replying!! I can't tell you how good it feels to know I'm not on my own with this.

I hadn't heard of the muscle relaxation, I'll look that up, thanks!

I'll also start writing things down I think, even briefly writing that post made me feel better!

I can't even remember what it felt like to have a normal feeling stomach, any slight twinge makes me panic these days.

I hope everything goes well with your tests x


Your welcome. It's cool :)

I know how miserable it can get and how lonely you can feel with it.

I try to make a joke about it sometimes with my close friends or partner and that can lighten my mood.

I hadn't heard of it either but I had behaviour therapy during my pregnancy and they pointed me to the muscle relaxation. I'm quite busy in the day so if I'm particularly stressed or emotions are all over the place I will have a warm bubble bath in the evening and listen to the videos whilst in the bath and I felt silly at first but they really helped, I started sleeping better, felt calmer and am able to breath through stressful situations in the day.

I still get aches and pains and I miss having a normal stomach, I feel I took mine for granted. But my anxiety and fear of going out is getting less and I'm starting to gain confidence

Thanks you - I hope so to x


Hey Natt,

I've had IBS for years and you have spells of good days and bad days and nothing seems to follow in a pattern. It's good that you have noticed the foods that trigger you and foods that are ok to have. Stress is a no factor for me and no matter what you eat your gut is like you mind if your stressed, tensed, worried then your gut is going to respond the same way. The best way I dealt with it is to be honest with people. I use to worry about people not understanding what if I needed the toilet whatbif they thought I was disgusting etc. But the more honest I was an opened up about it saying I have Ibs if I need the toilet would you mind if we went to find one and you will be surprised how accommodating other people can actually be. I also have what I call my poo spray I take a boy spray everywhere I go and I've told myself now if I have to go when I'm in public I have to go, spray and that's it you've never going to meet those people again. The more you embrace and be honest the less of a worry and the anxiety will ease.

:) keep smiling your not alone xx


have you tried a vegan diet?


I understand how you feel its so isolating sometimes when everything revolves around food and the bathroom ! Trying to explain why I don't go to work nights out or meals is a challenge and my nickname at work is asbo because they think I'm unsocial lol. I've had a chronic attack for the last 5 weeks and still not eating properly but I did find help here and at patient.co.UK about foods to try or avoid which was a huge help. I keep a food movement and mood diary to trace triggers which help. Anxiety is a part of the condition but there are so many management ways out there to try I'm sure with a bit of investigating you will find one for you. There is a pressure point on your wrist that stops travel sickness that I find helpful to use if I am out and feel off. I've also gotten over the Embarrassment's of needing the loo at work which helps :-) I also make light jokes with people too. I work with 5 blokes and e erytime the crecdit card machine is used they make a push it in the bottom reference then look at me and say sorry too soon as I've just had a colonoscopy ;-) Bad taste I know but it helps and it makez it easier for me to say I'm having an attack so they know I am suffering and will dissappear often.

Its so easy to let it beat u but I am trying to see this latest attack as a wake up call. I've lost a stone and am having to totally rethink my diet etc who h is filtering to my family too so we are All getting fitter a and healthier from it, there are some bonus to IBS if you look hard for them:-) :-) You just need to the it's slowly and be good too yourself while yoiyoiu work out the best route for you


Hi, I've been dealing with IBS for over 10 years and know exactly what you're going through. This past winter I decided I was going to take Imodium every 2 to 3 days to try and get this uncontrollable diarrhea to ease up. Finally I have found something that helps. I have been on probiotics and prebiotics, Metamucil, you name it, I've tried it. I just was in my Doctor's office for a check up and told her I was taking Imodium every 3 days and she said keep it up. I also was worried it wouldn't be good for me but with her okay, I feel secure in what I'm doing. I have had only one flare up since January and have been able to enjoy life again. I have not been constipated as some people warned I would be but so far so good.


I know the exact feelings described I have been there. I find the less anxious I am the more infrequent the attacks are. I became very depressed as the little social life I had ground to a halt. O don't care as much now I tell people I have it if they are being nosey asking about my eating habits etc. I have had local jobs so go home for lunch to see to my dog but this also meant sometimes when my lunch goes through me I am at home at least. I don't think I have food triggers but been not right for a week after eating an Easter egg after eating zero junk food for 2 half months. Then the vicious circle starts of worrying etc.


Hi my anxiety got out of control when I got diagnosed with IBS and still struggle some days. I have counselling at the moment for various reasons but it helps. You need to try and break the cycle somehow as the anxiety will just trigger your IBS further. See if you can get some help? X


Thanks everyone for the replies! It's comforting to know there's others out there who understand how I'm feeling.

I'm giving the FODMAPs diet a go at the minute so will see how I get on with that.

As for the anxiety the doctor has suggested I need some help so I've got to go back in a month to see how I'm getting on. I'm trying to not let it get the better of me and stop me from doing things I enjoy.

I'll keep you posted :) x


Hey Natt, don't be sorry your not alone. I too think I'm having panic attacks when it flairs up, I get burning up the back of my neck then headaches. I have been like this for a couple of months, also sometimes the anxiety gets the better of me too, I feel your pain.


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