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Ibs issues

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Mine started when I was 20 years old im 36 now; normally after a big meal it starts an hour or two afterwards, it's the most painful stomach ache nearly on par with my my second labour, it was usually every time I ate in the begining and like some of you afraid to go out incase it happened, however I have learned to deal with it by wherever I am trying to calm right down breath deeply and try the fright or flight senario, a little story for you, I was in dubai one year and I got stuck in traffic on a motor way then the pain struck and the instant need to go to the toilet came on and I instantly went into panic mode and thought OMG it's going to happen in my pants , but I calmed myself breathed deeply and slowly and sure enough the pain subsided and I made it to a toilet, yes I still had to go but I made it, now that I have this locked down I can get rid of the pain and need to go but the tiredness that comes afterwards is still there, hang in there guys the drugs you can get such as buscopan do actually help but I prefer to not to take medication and deal with it, they didn't have these drugs in my day lol, and as you get older the symptoms do calm down alot

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I'm glad you've found a way to help yourself. I find small, frequent meals works really well for me, it seems that a large meal triggers my guts to be over active and produce diarrhoea. Small meals just don't trigger it.

What an excellent post and so glad you have found your coping mechanism. I quite often use a hot water bottle for tummy pain which works quite well and I also sometimes massage my tummy. I have also cut out certain foods which I know for sure trigger my IBS.

Thank you for sharing.

Hiya Sarah,

I been diagnose with IBS 2014 after having flexible signodoscopy test and also colonoscopy test last year. They told me to take alverine tablet every day to help with cramp and last few days I start to get constipation and passing loose stool.

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