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hope your not walking in my shoes!

Hi my name is Kimberly or Kim or kimmie or kimmieJo by some people either one will work. I am 61 years old. I have had IBS and a nervous stomach most of my life the latter being the most prevalent. Doctors never helped me much except when my stomach gets to throwing up and not stopping I get either Compozine shots or Phenergan shots to calm it down. the IBS C&DI have dealt with mostly on my own. I did go to a Kinesiologist who helped find foods that I can't have and has me healthier then I have ever been. she recently died and I am lost wth out her but she has me where I can self diagnose some things on my own. We live in small towns and don't have to many natural doctors close by. My body needs a naturalpathic type doctors as most regular doctors don't understand me at all. I go to them and say I am dehydrated I need fluids and a shot of this stuff to calm my stomach down they say we will decide what you need. They do all kinds of test that end up costing me 500 hundred dollars and then at the end oh you need fluids and a shot to calm your stomach down. umm yeah I told you that in the beginning. I also like acupuncture it has helped me in many ways too. I had fibro like symptoms hurting every where in my joints like I was predicting the weather. I would wake up saying its raining again, hubby how do you know well I am aching across my arms and shoulders etc. acupuncture really helped get rid of that pain. I have a lot of foods that I am allergic to or have an intolerance to so I have to eat out at a more expensive restaurant. as they have healthier ingredients that don't make me sick. this is my life in a nut shell. But I give thanks in all things

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Hi there Kimberly, we are not too far apart in age, I am 58. I have had IBS now for 20 years and like you kind of like self diagnose and it's me working on what I can and cannot eat, not the doctor. I am finding what I can eat by trial and error, I'm getting there but it's taking a while. I used to get the pain and constipation but now I also get nausea and sometimes loose stools, not often diorrhea. IBS changes so often it's hard to keep up with it but I am determined to beat it by hook or crook.

Thank you for your post and it's good to hear from other sufferers.

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good luck with the self trial and error you will do better then what the doctors say in my book any way at least we can make it better. hope everything works for you


Thank you Kimberly and slowing but surely I am finding foods I cannot eat and am getting there. Agree re doctors as unless they have the condition themselves they do not understand and know how to treat it.

Best of luck to you

Alicia :)


Hi there, I'm 63, suffer terrible painful wind spasms and pain down my left lower abdomen, loose motions but not actual diarrhoea, burping its so awful, does anyone else get pain on one side

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Mine is usually on the right side lower part of abdomen so yes usually after I have gone a lot of poop in the morning. And that is when it's more on the d side of IBS. It goes away after a while but still annoying.


Check out anthony william - he claims to have a lot of knowledge to help people -might be of some use is doing a webinar on gut health too


Hi everyone

I have had ibs-c most of my life, my mum loves to tell people i would never go!

Over last year it has got worse so bad ended up in hosp three times. Noone knew what problem was so i ended up goin to a alergy tester a bioresonance tester and he said i had gluten and cowsmilk intolerance so cut it all out as soon as i left ! I also had a lovely bout of candida which is a overgrowth of bad bacteria where they had given me to many antibiotics so i had to go cold turkey on the old sugar for 8 weeks , i cannot tell u how hard this was but i stuck it out!!! I took the digestive enzymes and probiotics i was given and within 8 weeks my stomach had sorted itself and i felt healthy i also lost 1 1/2 stone and just felt good.

Unfortunately i have still had pain but have realised i have muscle pain coz of the ibs pain and it is starting of pelvic floor tightness and sciatica but i am seeing a Therapist and hope this will get sorted to...

i have hope for u ladies... alternative medicine seems to help more then western medicine i just get given painkillers which bung me up or diazepam to relax muscles which work whilst i am on the stops


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