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Feeling frustrated & fed up


After having my symptoms under control on a combination of mebeverine & amitryptiline for about 5 months I was feeling great! Then a couple of weeks ago I went on my Honeymoon to Mexico. I was really cautious with the food and only drank bottled water. I had a bit of heat exhaustion and bam persistent diarrhoea. So I spent most of my honeymoon in close proximity to a loo in constant fear of eating anything! Since bring home I've swung from being constipated and having dirrahoea. I really thought I had things under control & now I feel like I'm back to square 1! I seem to be fine one minute and then pain, massive gargle and mass evacuation. Not even sure where to go from here! The spasms also make my hands go numb! Anyone get that?

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My hands ( & feet) used to go numb when I had panic attacks many years ago when I was bullied at work- it's possible that the numb hands are a panic reaction to the other stuff

Hi Stacy86. Sorry to hear about your honeymoon. Unfortunately mine was similar, and I'm convinced now (after an epic heatwave here in NYC) that heat is a major trigger for myself. Which is obviously a hard one to avoid. We're in a much cooler period right now and already my stomach is that little bit more settled. I would suggest being super restrictive with your diet when it's hot - that's my plan anyway, I've yet to try it out - and stick to water only. I know exactly how you feel though - to be worried about your stomach on honeymoon was no fun at all, but at least we know we aren't alone I guess! I would also hope that now you're home, after a couple of weeks things may settle down for you again. Good luck!

I had mine sort of under control with the same meds as you, now I'm on tramadol,but that's not working either I'm at my wits end too!

I'm suffering like this tonight been fine for ages. I was watching tv and my tummy started gurgling really loud and it felt like it was also gurgling in my bottom then all of a sudden I needed the loo, I thought maybe it was a bug but I don't really feel as you do with a bug. I now feel bloated and gurgley and keep needing the loo.

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