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Newbie!! :-)

Hi everyone,

I'm Lisa, I'm 33 and have had no official diagnosis of IBS however I have a lot of the symptoms :-(...bloating, cramping, sudden urge for the toilet, incontinence when I cant get to a bathroom quick enough :-( I've read about the FODMAP diet and would just like a bit more information or the best places to go for guidance on it. I will be visiting my GP in the next week just thought I would ask for real experience and get some help on what I should do before I see him.

Thanks everyone :-)

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Hi Lisa,

I was recently referred to a dietrition and I will be starting the FODMAP diet as of tomorrow.

This is a 6 weeks programme and after 6 weeks of following the diet, I have to go back to my dietition and we will then start to slowly reintroduce particular foods.

The FODMAP diet seperates foods into 3 different categories. The first is 'Red category' and these are foods you should stay away from. 'Amber Category' are foods which may agree with you on some days but can also be foods to avoid if your symptoms are flaring up. The 'Green Category' are foods which are okay to eat at all times.

Hopefully by doing this I will be able to pin point which specific foods flare up my IBS symptoms.

I was recommended two apps, both of which might be worth downloading and having a look at:) The first is called FODMAP and the second SpoonGuru.

I would also check out Kate Scarlata's Blog.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you georgia92 I really appreciate that. Sounds quote simple lol...will look up the app and I have seen her blogs whilst I've been searching around so will follow her too..

Thank you 😊 xx

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Download the food Maestro app, it will help you eliminate the bad sugars that irritate your bowel

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