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So so many posts on here, seems like a lot of people unaware of the FODMAP diet. Please please use the diet, it helps tremendously. I was in denial after diagnosis but once I got my head around it my life has changed dramatically. I can now function, have gone from eating the bare minimum to a normal healthy diet. I even look forward to eating now, which for the last 8 months has been hell. Use the FoodMaestro App to help control your diet.

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  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Agreed...I began to figure out that Low FODMAP eating & drinking helped me back in the 1970s when I was in my 20s ....even before the science was explained. I just listened to my body! So when Low FODMAP publicity came out, I was flabbergasted that I was already "walking the walk". For sure, books by the leading proponents (Shepherd & Gibson) have helped me understand Low FODMAP & practice the principles better. And now I'm in the care of my NHS teaching hospital gastroenterology + nutrition & dietetics clinic, I find they are totally pro Low FODMAP. sadly, 20 months ago my lifelong GI issues flared in a new & sinister way. I'm 63 and now the only management that helps me is an ultra low fibre diet (+ the NFBA methylcellulose & ortis cubes & the prescription meds i'm on for my early onset co-morbidities). But, even so, my NHS dietician is trying to help me find a way to continue with a Low FODMAP approach

    πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

  • I've been on the fodmap diet now for 2 months - it's has helped but I've found that red meat affects me. It's hard cutting out heaps of things and I've had no appetite for 6 months since the semonella poisioning so this limiting diet takes commitment. Cutting sugar gluten a lot of fruits and dairy eliminates heaps of things. I no longer feel like eating processed goods so that's a good thing. My stools can still be up and down never normal but the colonoscopy and endoscopy ruled out anything sinister. I think I could be celiac but would have to go back on wheat to find out which I don't really want to and put my system under pressure. The gastro doctor said I've probably got sibo or PI IBS - and has suggested 10 days of flagyl - i went on one course back 6 months ago, if this doesn't work she said I'll just have to stick with the fodmap diet and try normafibre.

    Obviously doctors are all for the fodmap diet which is good to know.

  • I think they can tell with all the tests that you have had and will have ruled out Celiac, they did with me

  • Hi I tried the FODMAP diet but the only problem was that I weighed 8 1/2 stone at the beginning I am 5ft 9 in tall and I lost 1 1/2 stone in just under 6 weeks that I had to come off it, the nutrionist that I was under said that I that she had come across this problem before, just a warning but OK if you want to lose weight. i have suffered for IBSD for 15 years. I am now trying top put the weight back on but it is a very slow process.

  • Me too, I'm 5'7 but I lost the weight over 6 months ( food going straight through me 😩). I couldn't eat much daily either, the diet is enabling me to eat and keep me off the loo. I can now eat 3 times a day and have started to put weight on. My dietician said it will take a while to put it back on. I guess it's just different for all of us, depending on what stage you are at.

  • I follow FODMAP just wondered how you manage away from home i.e. Holidays at other people's houses etc I take my own food if I can but feel a bit awkward/anxious about it especially as I have some unsupportive/critical family members x

  • Haven't had to deal with it yet, but it's a worry. I guess just sticking to fresh foods would be the way to go. I have to say I had chips in my local pub , was starving, and I was ok. I would have no hesitation in asking them to scan the foods πŸ˜‚

  • It's hard for family and friends to understand, even those with IBS ! They just don't get the reasoning behind it, most of the time I get, 'that's not difficult to digest ... I don't have problems with it...". Trying to get them to understand it isn't a stomach issue drives me nuts !!!. As long as you stick to the safe list you should be fine, steak salad and chips all the way for me as long as the chips are scanned πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • FODMAPS is only meant to be done in it's entirety for a short time, so if you can avoid problematic situations during the elimination phase it's much easier than explaining it to people. It's brutally tough to go anyplace and eat during it. You pretty much have to pack your own food, or see people not at mealtimes. It's still tough in some ways because there are about 10 or so FODMAPS foods that are a permanent no-go for me, my mother seems to forget all the time.

  • Hello Lynnetod,

    I'm sorry to say that FODMAP diet is not a "one hit wonder" for many long term IBS sufferers, however I'm very glad it is helping you.

    Many sufferers get bombarded with the FODMAP diet by medics, nutritionists and gastroenterologists alike, as an alternative way of managing the symptoms. For many, it raises their hopes up too high and then they experience acute "lows" when they realise that they have, in some way, been "brainwashed" to believe it could actually make a difference to their health.

    I believe it can only provide some sort of comfort for those who have certain food intolerances or minor symptoms. Unfortunately for me (I have IBS C type and suffer from very severe abdominal pain among a long list of other symptoms) it has no effect whatsoever. Still worth a try, like with all the other treatments/products I have tried and am constantly trialling in the look-out for symptom relief.

    I hear the same result for many other people when exchanging feedback and experiences in IBS meet-ups & forums.

    The complexity of this condition is that it is also a very "individual" invisible illness, therefore there is not one remedy that suits all.

    It requires a lot of patience, perseverance and able to keep above all a positive manner and outlook.

  • Totally agree with you, it's a good base to start with

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