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PPI and enzymes

Just started on a course of PPI to protect my stomach in order to take neproxin Now lath ink I have leaky gut cos was feeling very very ill and nauseous before hand which has happened before Now couple days after hsrarting PPI feeling much better and I had a loll of the leaky gut symptoms whi,ch my doc then diagnosed fibro Never thought it was that cos not in great pain

Now suffering constipation which I have had all my life but want to know can I take enzymes with the PPI lansoprazole Or any other suggestions Had been taking actin all daily previously which was working lovely and going eve jury day which believe you is a novelty HELP

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Hi sorry I dont know what PPI is ? I have been on meds to prevent tummy problems and Naproxan. I was fine-LAZOPROZLE gave me the runs; GP gave it to me for gastric reflux.

I dont get constipated and always have loos to soft stools.

You are best to see your GP again and ask

Best Wishes


PPIs are generally prescribed for Acid Reflux (as well as being prescribed to protect the stomach when taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like Neproxin). One of the symptoms of acid reflux is nausea so it could be that is the reason that you are now feeling much better since taking the PPIs. I took Ameprozole (a similar drug) a while ago for acid reflux and it also caused me constipation. I would check with your doctor about the enzymes if you are not sure.


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