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I have researched to find the FODMAPDIET might help the IBS but it conflicts with constipation. Add in the internal and external hemmroids and I have to be extra careful about what I eat. I do not eat anything that is white (flour, sugar, rice). Rarely eat any bread, if I do it's rice bread. On FODMAPDIET you can't have garlic or onions, which I love. I have stopped drinking coffee and my 5:00 wine. I also try to stick to My blood type diet. I'm retired so I guess this is my challenge.

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It maybe lack of fibre causing your problem? Do you eat plenty of fruit and veg too (but stick to the FODMAP ones if you are trying that at the moment).

I love garlic and onions too but I found the onions were the very worst thing to eat in terms of getting bloated and flatulent. You can eat garlic infused oil if you want to for the flavour.

I'm like you retired and get less exercise than I did when working. If you at the same do try to ratchet up your exercise even if it's just walking more or maybe do Pilates or swim. All easy forms of exercise but help a lot I think.

Anyway good luck it's not easy is it especially as we get older!

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If you have your haemeroids dealt with that is one less problem .I put it off for years and that was a mistake ,Far less of an op than I had expected .Onions and garlic are an absolute No no for me as well and IBSC /diverticulitis my problem . I follow a mostly Fodmaps diet which is not IBSC friendly .However home made FODMAP Veg soups + FODMAP Fruits daily *daily magnesium supplement + daily peppermint is keeping things moving along at the moment .A morning coffee and occasional glass of red wine is ok .I try to reduce bread (seeded Wholemeal )to One slice a day .Anymore than two sets off the cramps and bloating . .Lactose free milk in tea . Goat yoghurt on porridge or fruit ,Soya ice cream .are also part of my regime .Its all a bit of a nuisance and eating out or with friends a bit of a nightmare . Deviation always kicks off the bloating ,cramps ,flatulence ,slow gut transit lack of energy and generally feeling under the weather .Takes days of back on the regime to bring things back to something I can live and function with ,but it never goes away completely ..Have had this now for some 20years and researched and worked out how to manage it myself having had all the tests and diagnosis and haemaroids removed ,the medical profession has been proved to be of no further use ! This site has been a godsend .! Cheers and good luck in getting on top of it ,as everyone has slightly different triggers and ways of managing things ,

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I have IBS c as well. Yes I think you have be careful being on the Fodmap diet to make sure you getting enough fibre. I stay away from gluten as much as possible and onions. It's daily battle. I ve tried most things now. Prunes are part of my daily diet.


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