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Hormone related IBS

Hi there. I'm new on this site. I have struggled with IBS all my life (although I didn't know I had IBS until 15 years ago - I thought everybody got bloated!!). However, in 2009 I started to have terrible bouts of large bowel movement about a week before my period was due. It would always occur in the morning and I would have to go to the toilet about 4 times within the space of an hour to pass a bowel motion - I never had diarrohea just a lot of bowel movement although by the fourth visit to the toilet the bowel movement was really soft and almost watery. Afterwards I would feel really unwell but I have never had stomach pain or cramps. My GP said this was quite common. I have been prescribed anti-depressants over the years - which have worked and relaxed the bowel but also caused me to gain a lot of weight and I therefore no longer take them (but can't get the weight off!!). I no longer have periods but still get the IBS each month (along with the PMT). I'm 51 and my GP says I'm not going through the menopause yet.

Is anybody else suffering like me? My GP has confirmed my IBS is not food related - the world and his wife tell me it must be and everybody tries to give me advice about which foods could be causing this.

Any advice from any fellow sufferers would be appreciated.

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I suggest you ask for a test for Dysbiosis. It is vert common but hardly ever tested for.


Hi there,

Yes I can relate to this. I recommend the Youtube video by Barbara O'Neill on Hormone Imbalance. I tried Anna's Wild Yam cream (they ship overseas) and felt a lot better.

What's wrong with your GP? You're 51, no periods, and he says you're not going through the menopause yet???



I do have a lovely GP and he referred me for a blood test and the blood test showed I wasn't going through the menopause - I'm still in the peri-menopause. Thank you for your advice which I will look into.

Sarah (bizzywords)


Hi I have only just joined this site and it is so comforting to hear other people going through the same thing. I also get terrible bouts 1-2 days before come on. I have to run to that toilet usually all morning! My tip is if you know you're going to have those days clear your schedule as much as possible then you can be near the loo if needed :) and try doing some exercise like swimming and going for Aromatherapy massage of abdomen. GP recommended Buscapan when bowels go into overdrive, don't know if that would help?

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