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Exhaustion/fatigue normal for IBS?

Hi everyone,

Are ibs and fatigue linked?

My symptoms are starting to improve slightly but I've been left with this strange exhaustion.

I sleep 10 hours a day, if I get up before 10am I get nauseous and feel weak and dizzy.I sleep through the night but sleep doesn't seem to refresh me at all.My eyes are like hot coals and I feel myself drifting off in the afternoon.

My energy is really low during the day,even taking a bath or hoovering exhausts me and makes me feel sick.

Even if I'm sitting down, several times during the day I'll feel weak and lightheaded for a few minutes.

I can't go far, if I leave the house I tire out and come home.

I went the GP today who didn't seem to listen or even guess at a diagnosis, she just signed me off for a month (couldn't believe she signed me off for so long!) and said they should hopefully know more when I eventually see the Gastroenterologist.

Any ideas on what it might be?I've never felt this exhausted for this long :(


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hi IBS can be exhausting.have yqhad blood tests? Anaemia? Try some vitamin d tabs n iron tabs.oily fish.lots if water.no alcohol for a month.some red meat twice a adweek.im off work too with chest pains n vertigo.been in ambulance four times in three weeks.no answer to chest pain.keep ruling out heart problems but more tests to follow.tablets for vertigo have side effects.dizziness! Would be funny if not making you feel terrible.stop taking them now.my Dr.really good n mystified over cause of chest pain.i was hoping it was viral as it went for three days then returned.never had vertigo before.horrible like I'm drunk!

hope you get some relief soon.I expect stress is making your symptoms worse.

take care geoff

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Yes I too feel exhausted with IBS. All blood tests come back negative all the time so doc says there's nothing wrong. Just old age! Now got dizziness too - been to chiropractor to sort out neck problems. A month does seem a long time to be signed off for. I take Vitamin D3 which helps.


are you currently taking any medicines for ibs or other conditions ?? may be it is a side effect of some meds ?? how is your blood pressure ?? did you test your thyroid function ??


I too feel exhausted all the time, have ibsd. Sympathize with you. I'm retired, 69, and still struggling. Had ibs since food poisoning at age 46. All you can do is rest and sleep. I do take vitamins and anxiety tabs from doctor. if you can take anxiety out of equation you may feel more in control but that is for you and your doctor to decide. Good luck xxx

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I too developed IBS following food poisoning in France many years ago. I was prescribed Mebeverine. Since last August after a meal out (was assured it was gluten free) and later also thought it was food poisoning, however have had problems ever since. Had colonoscopy last November, now have diverticulosis. Immodium does not work nor does Mebeverine any more. Now told it is due to age related wear and tear of the gut, I am 66. I get exhausted very easily. Reflexology always shows my energy levels are very low since last August. I really don't know what to take to help. Blood tests came back negative for everything. BP high due to anxiety problems (mostly noisy neighbours day and night) so is this too exacerbating the problems? I sympathise with the severity of your exhaustion and hope you find relief with your anxieties. Perhaps relaxation classes or cognitive behaviour therapy (which helped me last year with the excessive noise from 9.00am to 1.00am every day all day). The GP can refer you for CBT.


I have had all those symptoms with IBS. Get up at 7am to let dog out. Have breakfast then sleep till noon have lunch go back to sleep at around 3pm. Just feeling so fatigued all the time. Every time I sit down......go to sleep.

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My IBS just used to wipe me out.

Not a total solution, but this may help improve things: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope this helps,



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