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Hi all, im new to the site.....im looking to connect to others who are affected by digestive related conditions. It's hard to speak to those who don't have the same as they dont feel what we go through, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and socially. I have a wonderful group of friends and family who support me but sometimes i feel the need to speak with those who would get it if i say 'this morning my colon feels sore/full'....'i need an extra bit of time to myself to get sorted'. or if im getting constant bloatings and i just need time out.... Or if making a meal, saying things like we dont know what to make you, its so difficult? Like just cut up some low FODMAP fruits and im good!!! its that easy!! Salad! baked potatoe voila!!! or but you look great! you look amazing....yes i do have more good days than bad but when i do have a bad day i am still expected to cope and sometimes i just cant.....

Ive been through it all, the depression, the lack of understanding both from within myself and others, the bullying, people making fun of me, people being cruel. you see the facts are that i'm a beautiful girl i get a lot of attention everywhere i go not just because of my looks/body but because of my personality. I love humanity and am deeply spiritual and radiate a warmth and love that everybody tells me i have, have been told this all my life. I understand that i chose this life before i came for a reason and i am now at the stage where i am confronting my fears and working through them, hence his post.

I basically want to say today i am not having a good day and instead of dwelling on it i am reaching out. i am saying to others i go through it too and you are not alone. Yes there are dark low vibrational energetic people in the world but there are also lovely beautiful people who channel good strong love energy. Sometimes we need to wade through the streams to find the source and this is what i am doing.

If you need a friend - please connect.

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I love your post. I can really relate to what you said about "when I do have a bad day, I am still expected to cope and sometimes I just can't". The bottom line is, why do we put ourselves under so much pressure, why should we have to cope? On a bad day we should be able to say "I can't today" and let our body rest. Easy to say, not easy to do.

A thought for you. Have you tried Reiki at all? It is not THE solution, but certainly helped for me when I hit a wall. It can also help process fears and emotions.

Have a good day,



Hi I am blessed with living on my own-no one to bug me; If feeling poorley I just go with it.

I often think of those who have a husband, fammily are partner. my sister is the same has me so we spend time on phone swapping notes-but- I dont know how I would cope if I had people on my back. I easily get suicidal.

Ever Blessing to You


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