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IBS undiagnosed but suspected by GP

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum!

I haven't been diagnosed with IBS until I have more tests but it is suspected by my GP who had given me some Buscapan to try when I get a flare up.

My symptoms are constipation, bloating,burping and flatulence.

I sometimes also get stomach cramps and nausea.

I'm mainly looking for ways/medication to ease the nausea and excess gas (which I suspect is making me feel nauseous.When I feel queasy I just burp a lot a don't vomit).

I'm keeping a food diary and I'm taking gastro resistant tablets for heartburn (buscopan just when I get cramps).(all advised by GP).

I'm eating hi fibre cereal,fruit and veg in small meals and avoiding fatty food and fizzy or hot drinks.

Any tips on avoiding/relieving nausea (as its my most unpleasant symptom, I can't go to work when I have it) and avoiding/getting rid of excess gas?

Thank you very much!


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I have IBS and used to have to take a week off a month for the symptoms you are describing, I was on medication and proberly reliant on that sorting me out but then I took up exercise, I go running to yoga and pole dancing and now I am regular. I still get flare ups but manage it with diet (plenty of water) as much as I can but use Buscopan rarely now xxx

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Hi Laura I find peppermint tea eases the extra gas and also quells the nausea.

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Hello Laura,

You may find some info on my blog of use to you.

This article in particular may be of interest: sickofibs.com/diet/breakfas...

Hope this helps,



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